An Introduction to Strongman Training

During the 19th century, the name strongman would refer to a display of brute strength that was before strongman was even considered to be a sport, before all the power lifting, weightlifting and etcetera.  These people have some similarities of circus performers who would demonstrate their strength to different crowds of people. 

They would carry huge amounts of weight detained overhead at the length of the arms, they would try bending the steel, breaking the chains and etcetera.  There would be great strength needed for this kind of even, wrist strength, hand strength, strength for the tendon in addition to extraordinary oblique strength. 

And here came the late 20th century which changed the term strongman into someone who would be competing in strength athletics.  Strength athletics is a more innovative diverse strength competition where in participants would haul up extremely heavy rocks, carry refrigerators, haul trains, stride at the same time as dragging an eighteen wheel truck at the back and etcetera. 

World’s Strongest Man and the World’s Strongest Man Super Series are the most well known competitions of strongman, North American Strongman, INC or what they call NAS holds the amateur and other meets all the way through United States of America.  

Strongman is frequently used in the wrong way to depict an individual who does weightlifting or bodybuilding. This is not precisely true, as neither existed at the time.

A lot of training amenities specifically for sports have started to slot in movements that are related with the movements of the strongman competitions in their broad spectrum training systems, even if they use only lighter weights.  They do a lot of training to obtain the kind of strength that they have.

The strongman training would engage in involves creating overall strength in the training center or the gym and it also involves in working out with competition implements to achieve familiarity with the set up. When working out, it is compulsory to have the entire body trained for strength, most especially with variants of deadlift, the squat, and overhead press.

It is also important to train for the explosive power, which would be developed through weightlifting style haul ups, in addition to cardiovascular conditioning.

The strength of the grip must be attained and developed as well.  Good number of team members do grip exercises for at least three hours on a daily basis. Just like any other sport, it is very crucial to work out or train applying the different tools that they would likely use during the competition, by doing so, they would also gain familiarity with the tool. 

The strongman sport would include logs, tires, yokes, farmer’s walk implements, and etcetera.  With out experience, working out to build strength in the gym is not enough with implements.