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Study tips to score better in your exams

We have all been struggling all this while to somehow manage studies and fun – such a difficult task! But it doesn’t always have to be this difficult as we have got some really amazing and fun tips for studying that will help you ace

Challenges of Being an Extra Tall Person

Only the small people know what is the pain of being a short person. They are not allowed on the roller coasters because people think that they are kids unless your friends and family tell the operator that you are just short, they are not

Cookie baking tips every amateur need to know

We all love cookies and there is no denying the fact that there is nothing a batch of cookies, milk, blanket and favourite TV show can’t solve. But the problem with cookie is that, they don’t always turn out as good as expected. If you

Psychological Benefits of Doing Arts

It doesn’t matter that you are born with the talent or not. It depends on your thinking. You can explore everything nowadays with passion and struggle.  Art is all about expressing you mind side by making sculpture or graphic design courses or painting classes in

Know this before purchasing a vaping device

Are you willing to quit smoking for good, but having a hard time doing it for some reason? Well, it is true that smoking is one of the top reasons why cancer is so widespread in the world today, but to quit smoke is not

Getting smart with the cake delivery process

Before getting delivered a cake people need to know about few things about it. You can get birthday cake delivery in Dubai from any online shop but it does not guarantee you the best cake with amazing taste. You need to work a little hard

How You Can Bring Variety In Cakes

Without variety, life is dull. We are happy and healthy, and we must be purely mindful of everyone’s likes and expectations as we jump on new ideas and when it relates to the birthday party cakes. Numerous of various personalities never suit a taste uniformly.

How to ensure that a university is accredited

Before knowing whether if your university is accredited or not, make sure you know what the term accreditation means about. As I am going to tell you about all the reasons that will help you with knowing whether your university or MBA college in Dubai

How to make presentations look more professional

A number of times, it can be seen that some companies do work hard so they can move ahead of their competitors. But no matter how hard a company is trying, there are some points that they might be missing due to which they are

Benefits of living in MBR city

Mohammed Bin Rashid city commonly known as MBR city is one of the luxurious residential areas of Dubai. The breathtaking beauty, housing designs, facilities and other services have enhanced its importance to another level. It is very much gravitating among everyone whether a person is

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