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How to Open a Kids Nursery?

If you have a lot of experience or patience and a passion for working with kids or kids are happy around you then starting a nursery could be the best business for you. You will see that there are lots of nursery rules and regulations or terms and conditions to meet. After all, its about somebody’s kids we are talking about. So, to make it easier to understand, here is your complete guide for how to start a nursery. If you open a nursery, you don’t have to get any relevant childcare or nursery degree or qualifications, as long as your employees meet the given criteria. All you need is a strong willingness and positive mind for business plus pay extra attention to detail. Opening a nursery safely means always to follow the health and safety rules at all times, and there will be lots of other things to coordinate, so, you will have to be good at multi-tasking.

Other than just investing or owning, if you plan on operating or running the nursery yourself, you will then need many childcare qualifications and experience. A regular manager of a nursery should have at least two years experience as a qualified nursery employee and, one- or two-years experience in a supervisory role.

All your employees must be suitable to look after kids which also means they will have several police checks and they must have character certificates issued by the previous nurseries they have worked in. At least half of your employees will need to have minimum two years qualification for a day-care training.

The number of employees you hire depends on the number of kids you have in your nursery. It is best that the maximum number of children should not exceed more than 26. The National Standards for Day Care and Childminding regulations (2003) has set that the following minimum employee for child ratio should be for children aged up to two years and one member of staff for every three kids. Children aged from 2 to 3 years of age should have one member of staff for every four children. Children aged from 3-7 years should have one member of staff for every eight children.

The National Standards for Day Care and Childminding regulations also said that you need to provide at least two hand sinks with hot and cold water for ten children over the age of two years old.