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Car Rental Tips to Save You Money

If you plan to rent a car for your next vacation, then it is essential that you take into account these 5 tips to save money. Whether you are opting for a Lamborghini rental in Dubai from an agency or from a private owner, the following advice will help make sure your rental experience goes smoothly and helps keep your budget intact.

Choose a car that suits your needs

If you are going on a road trip based supercar experiences in Dubai, then it might be of no use to get an economy vehicle, especially if everyone in the group wants their own space and comfort. Instead, choose a mid-size or large SUV with plenty of storage room so you can pack all your belongings without running out of space.

Check any additional charges.

Many rental agencies have some hidden costs outside of basic operational expenses such as fuel and insurance fees which may not be immediately apparent when browsing through different vehicles online. In addition to this, there could also be other items included in these extra fees depending upon the location where the car is being rented from e.g. a GPS system, child car seat or other items that you may not need for your trip.

Consider renting from a private owner rather than an agency

If you are planning to rent the vehicle only during the week and return it at the end of your stay, then consider renting from a private owner as opposed to an agency as these rates will be much cheaper due to them being able to offer short-term rentals rather than what would normally be considered long term ones by agencies e.g weeks or months. This also means they can often provide newer cars which have less mileage on them compared with those offered by rental car companies who tend to lease out their fleet more frequently.

Purchase excess insurance cover if required but check first that you are not already fully covered

Before renting a car, check if your current insurance policy can provide you with enough cover for the duration of your trip. If it does then there is no point in purchasing additional coverage from an outside source as this will likely end up costing more than what you may have paid for your initial premiums on top of being very time consuming to organize.