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Challenges of Being an Extra Tall Person

Only the small people know what is the pain of being a short person. They are not allowed on the roller coasters because people think that they are kids unless your friends and family tell the operator that you are just short, they are not allowed to have cigs or liquor in the first place unless they show their id cards, you are not allowed to see action or horror movie in the first place unless you show your id card. So, you see how the short people wish that they had a good height and if only they could add a few more inches to their happiness. Go here to find out more about plus size in Dubai. But if you ask the tall people, they have their own problems and they are very much genuine and if you are short person and reading about the problems of being tall and making your life less miserable, then this is the post for you to get somewhat happy, so keep reading;

  1. If you are tall and scared of spiders then your life has very less adventure because you will not be visiting those places where are small creepy crawlies like spiders and their webs. Because tall people tend of bang their head and wave their hands all over the place and if you went into an abandoned home just for fun, then your nightmare has started.
  2. The second challenge is that people will asking you for all kinds of favors like changing the light bulbs, cleaning the ceiling and getting that cookie jar from the top of the fridge or the cabinet. Imagine you are sitting and watching the last minute of UFC and the best part is that it is a live match and your mom calls you to fix the kitchen bulb or you will not be getting the delicious dinner, think about the miserable choice you have to make, on one side is the final minutes and on the other side the tasteful dinner made by your mother. So, you see how tall people have to make tough choices.
  3. The pains that are caused of being tall. Tall people need a wide bed and since their backbones are huge, they need a bed that is hard and soft at the same time and finding that is not easy.