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Facts About Kitchens

This article can be useful for all kinds of people who love to cook and they have to stay in the kitchen for longer hours. Almost every meal or dish includes onions and we know what happens when we cut onions. They give us tears, fun fact about onion is that giving us tears is its way of defending itself from humans and animals. But there are other ways of cutting onion with a smiling face and that is to cut them in water. All you have to do is get a medium sized bowl and cut the onion in the water, in this way, the onion won’t be able to emit any gas or fumes and we can cut the onion with tearing at all.

But then there is that strong onion stench that is left in the hands. To remove it is best that you use lemons. All you have to do is cut the lemon in half and rub the pulp of the lemon on your hands for good one minute and that strong stench will be gone. Although, you will have a new smell, the lemon’s but this will be a good one. The salt is added in any meal and there are many people among us who like their salt extra or on top of the meal. But the most epic scene occurs when they cannot get the salt outside from the salt shakes, the continuous shaking seems really funny but to make sure that your guests don’t do it, add some raw rice in the shaker and put salt, it will be very much easier.

Grilling or having barbeque with friends and family is a very special thing, and everyone expects good and juicy burgers and sausages. And what most of the times happens is that people burn the patties when the patties stick to the grill. To prevent that, you must oil them. You can do that by simply getting a spray bottle and putting oil inside it, now spray the grill pan with the oil and if you hear the patty getting stick again, instantly spray once. For easy and delicious seasoning, get a large sized shaker and add two tablespoons of black pepper and 4 tablespoons of salt, mix them and you get a good seasoning. You can visit website below to get all insights about latest kitchen designs.