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White board in Dubai uses sticky notes on which you can draw or mark various objects on the board. You can use various sized whiteboards to see and write on it. This gives you the facility to write or draw anything on the board whatever you want. This feature is also one of the reasons why whiteboards are so popular among schools and offices. It is easy to handle and clean up too. However, the main reason why people buy whiteboards for schools and offices is that they can be seen from a long distance.

Number of Colors integrated

Different boards have a different number of colors integrated. Some of them include black, dot, etc. Also, some brands have raised bumps on the boards that help erase unwanted drawings or writing.

Residues behind

Residues behind a whiteboard can hamper the smoothness of its glide and cause blurring. To keep this problem at bay, wipe down the board after you use the marker ink. See that the residue behind the dry erase markers does not show on your fingers as the residue just gets wiped away by wiping the board clean. See that the surface of the board is non-porous.

Chisel Tip

See that the chisel tip of the marker is sharp and is not blunt. See that it does not bend into the sides of the writings. The flat-top chisel tip will be effective in staying power and will not be harmed by the pigments and the oils.


Whiteboards made from porcelain are very popular these days. They give a smooth feel and look. You should choose whiteboards with very smooth porcelain veneers. These boards are very durable and will stand up against all kinds of challenging activities.

Permanent Marker Ink

There are several types of permanent marker ink available in the market today. Go for a dry erase marker ink that is not harmful to the board.

Fine Tip Whiteboard Markers

Fine tip whiteboard markers give the board a nice warm feel while allowing the creators to create fine detailed images or writings. Some of the popular fine tip whiteboard markers are so many in the market.

Heavy Use

See that the boards have strong hinges and are easily adjustable. Because of their heavy use, some of the permanent marker ink products are no good for use on heavy usage boards.