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The Process of Becoming an Architect

The question “How to become successful architects in Dubai?” is as old as architecture itself. This profession has been revolving around the idea of a man becoming part of the great building and geometric planning. Architectural history has been the subject of legends, fairy tales, and even movies.

Man’s fascination with building design is not a new one; it is something that has fascinated mankind since he developed architecture thousands of years ago. Modern day architects spend their days in designing buildings, doing construction management in Dubai and making them look beautiful. Job outlook for architects is very positive and many individuals find this line of work very fulfilling. With a job outlook this promising, you may want to consider what it takes to become an architect.

Step 1:

The educational requirements to become an architect are a bachelor’s degree followed by at least four years of architectural training at a school accredited by the Society of Architectural Designers.

Step 2:

After passing the test, an architect may take the board exam to be certified. Many individuals choose to be project architects or principal architects, which are post-graduate degrees. The number of years of education and experience necessary to become licensed will depend on the state in which you reside. There are several different career options once an architect has earned the professional credentials needed for a job; these include construction contracts, design and maintenance or rehabilitation work.

Step 3:

To apply for jobs that involve construction contracts or renovation, an individual must first work to become a licensed practical or mechanical engineer. As part of the licensing process, these professionals must also pass a licensing exam. Some states require that the professional have several years of experience in a similar position before they can be certified.

Step 4:

Once these professionals have earned the necessary credentials the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards will provide an application for licensure along with all of the necessary paperwork and application fees. In order to sit for the exam, the individual must successfully complete an educational program that consists of subjects like mathematics, science and computer skills.

Step 5:

The National Council of Architectural Registration Boards will only accept applications for successful architects who have passed the exam and passed the board exam. These professionals must have at least three years of relevant experience related to their field of choice in order to apply for the exam.